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Scalapay is transforming the way people pay online and in-store by allowing shoppers to receive products now and pay for them later.

At Scalapay we call this slow payment:
Helping shoppers spend responsibly on what they love.

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Be a part of the adventure now!

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I started in Scalapay as an Intern in the Sales Department, it was my first job experience. I had the chance to learn a lot about what's expected from a commercial role with a hands-on approach. Starting your career in a fast-growing start-up is a very formative experience. If you are looking to gain a 360° vision on how a company works, and going beyond what is expected, then you have come to the right place! I also had the chance to grow, both personally and professionally. On one hand, I had the chance to meet an amazing group of people who have accompanied me through my journey and through many Spritz Parties! On the other hand, after my internship I was hired as a Sales Executive and I am very excited to face the new challenges Scalapay has in store for me.

Giulia Ventura
Sales executive
Joined Scalapay: December 2021, as Sales Intern. Promoted to fix term Sales executive on March 2022

What makes Scalapay a great place is both its work culture and people. Everyone at Scalapay is encouraged to take ownership of their role, make an impact, learn, and be an amazing team member. This is all because of the autonomy that teams and individuals are given to be impactful. We focus a lot on collaboration and teamwork. As an example, in Engineering we have 8 Agile teams. Everyone gets together weekly to align, remove risks and dependencies. That's a lot of people and it's important that all of Engineering succeeds over individual teams. This is why one of our values is #playasateam.

Justin Urbanski
Engineering Manager
Joined Scalapay: March 2021

I am delighted to be part of the Scalateam :I discovered Scalapay and instantly wanted to join and contribute to the growth of the company even though I had never worked in a FinTech before. I was looking for an opportunity to challenge myself in a new field: the world of payments. I met amazing people with great values. Everyone was eager to share with me how we could work together, what they were expecting of our new job relationship... but also, everything was made for me to understand the specificity of our professional sector which helped me feeling at ease quickly. After one month, I am enjoying a key point of my career in an attractive and enriching environment.

Fatou Dabo
B2C Marketing Specialist
Joined Scalapay: April 2022

I joined Scalapay at the end of 2020, when we were around 20 people. I always get emotional looking back at that time and realizing how fast Scalapay has been growing since then: now we're more than 200! In the commercial team I had the chance to take part in the growth of our merchant base and the development of our commercial strategy. The opportunity to continuously build relations with new brands and people has definitely been the best part of my job, allowing me to learn something new everyday. At the beginning we used to ring a bell to celebrate new merchants joining Scalapay, now we don't do it anymore but I can ensure that the emotion is always the same, every time.

Sara Gulianis
Sales Executive
Joined Scalapay: September 2020

"Time flies when you're riding a unicorn and even more so when you're in the midst of a multicultural and vibrant team.
It has already been 4 months since my arrival and everytime I can keep on testing and improving my ideas to build a network of partners who are proud to recommend us.
From "Payment is my jam! ",  a learning course I lead to discuss with new joiners the subtleties of payment, "Espresso at Presto" to share news with our ecosystem, to the "Slowtime" VIP Diners, there is no limit to the creativity of my team. Scalapay's values are real and it's a pleasure to live them every day. "

Eric Mabilon
Global Partnerships Director
joined Scalapay 03/01/2022

I joined Scalapay a few months ago and the experience that I am living is exceeding all expectations. But, why did I decide to join Scalapay? I wanted to be part of an emerging project in a high-growth company and Scalapay offered all this. In a few months Scalapay has gone from being unknown in the Spanish market to being an example for local players and businesses. I couldn't be more proud and this is all thanks to the great work and motivation of the entire team. Now we face the biggest challenge, to consolidate our position in this new market. And I am thrilled about it

Marcos Aschl Berenguer
Junior Account Manager
joined Scalapay 15/02/2022

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