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Find out how LiuJo increased their average basket size by 48%.


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How does it work?

step 1

Your customers pick Scalapay at checkout

step 2

They enter a few bits of information and card details (only on their first purchase)

step 3

They pay in 3 instalments. We settle with you straight away, taking on all the risk - including fraud and chargeback

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Learn how Liu·Jo uses Scalapay

Launched in two countries - significantly boosted volumes in both immediately


Vannis Marchi, Founder

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Oh my I discovered Scalapay recently and now I can’t live without it. It’s the best, period.
Julia Spencer, CTO

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Why merchants love Scalapay


Increase in basket size

On average, your customer’s basket size increases by offering instalment payments. Scalapay enhances your customer’s purchasing power, leading to larger orders.

“Scalapay have nearly doubled our average basket size, it’s like magic”

Silvia Bosio - CEO Paco Pet Shop


Increase in conversion

More people complete your checkout as price is no longer an issue therefore increasing conversion and helping you acquire new customers.

“With Scalapay we have increased the number of customers that make a purchase and convert at the checkout by a significant margin”

Umberto Gallo - Farmacia Loreto Gallo


Risk, deal with less hassles

Retails are paid instantly and Scalapay takes on all the risk of customer not paying.

“Scalapay allows us to offer flexible payments while they take all the risk and pay us upfront”

Diego Dotari - Camicissima

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